marisha pessl
“Welcome to my new website.”

The shades are pulled. The door is closed. There are no clocks and no phone.

The world outside seems almost to have fallen away—until the light turns green and another tsunami of New York traffic is unleashed upon the world. To your left, you see a map of my next novel, which looks like the autopsy of a whale. To your right, piles of research—Dickens novels, encyclopedias, books about conspiracy, murder, fairy tales and folklore. In front of you are the desk and laptop, and as you step closer to read what’s typed there on the screen, you nearly trip over a Fisher-Price Rainforest Jamboree, which looks like the Little Shop of Horrors man-eating plant.

Welcome to my office. The real one. Even though I fundamentally believe a writer’s power exists in anonymity, I’d like to crack the door a little and give you a glimpse of just what goes on in here.

So…welcome to my new website.

This is the place to find out about me and my work, my adventures and inspirations, the slow, strategic advancement of my daughter’s toys into my once-sacred workspace. It’s a studio, a hangout spot, a lair, an unapologetically nerdy roundtable-slash-soapbox, the place to get away from it all and talk books.

Here you’ll find other writers discussing the way they live, laugh, struggle and siesta. You might discover new fiction, rehash a classic, pick up a writing tip or two—all in service and celebration of the power of the written word.

So come in, put your feet up, and above all, keep reading.
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