maze runner james dashner

An Interview with James Dashner

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned success story and James Dashner has a great one. In our interview, we talked about the mysteries of the writing process, the reading habits of teenagers, the King of American Literature (a.k.a. Stephen King), and the universe.

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anna todd interview marisha pessl

An Interview with Anna Todd

If anyone has revamped the idea of “novelist” for the 21st Century it’s Anna Todd. The two of us talked sex scenes, fandom, her new writing process, and Mr. Darcy’s letter to Elizabeth Bennett.

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welcome to night vale

An Interview with Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

"I think there is nothing more gripping as an audience member than watching a talented performer genuinely struggle to complete a difficult task. And so I seek that out whenever possible, and write toward that struggle for the performer."

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